Loving Relationships and Love

Relationships, love, connection, loving kindness, happiness

Loving relationships are so deeply important to us and imperative to our health and well-being. The growth of love in relationships requires energy on all levels of our psyche the physical, mental, emotional and spiritually. The social conditioning of men has taught us to focus our relationships at the physical and mental levels only. The emotional and spiritual aspects are often forgotten about or “lets not go there, girlfriend” – it’s too whoo-hoo and we revert back to the physical and mental and try to practically fix the problem. When it is fixed we feel better with the problem solved.

Relationship hold deep connections more so at the non-verbal level. This closeness is a beautiful warmth and women want that closeness and warmth to feel loved and to be loving. Men generally get this closeness at the physical realm if you get what I mean. Women regularly experience us not being on the same page as them and this hurt their hearts as they don’t get heard at the emotional level. This level is the emotional realm of our psyche and it is our vulnerability.

Men have been taught to suppress this emotional vulnerability and to not show it. Love is a central feeling in relationships and the stronger the love is the stronger more resilient the relationship is.