Touching Base

Our best version of our self emerges when we interoceptively look within and develop insight and awareness on how we tick –  physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  For men, we lost the GPS system to our emotional and mental health landscape about 8 years old.  You know, ‘boys don’t cry.’  Our old logical mind is trying to add it all up 2 plus 2 equals 4 – but this emotional stuff – it ain’t logical!!

Fortunately, there is beginning to be more acceptance of our mental health now.  Rather than converting our vulnerability and anxiety into ANGER – we are sometimes vulnerable and don’t cope emotionally.

There is far more universal acceptance ~ that we can’t always cope.  We just need to believe that within ourselves and instead of kicking the shit out of ourselves – can we learn to have acceptance, compassion and loving-kindness – of the part of us that isn’t coping?

It’s okay to ‘touch base’ – there’s no judgment!!  It’s like building our insight into our inner landscape, improving our well-being for us & those we love.

Navigating Change

The male role-modeling provided us about close and loving relationships was, guess what? Is somewhat outdated! We have not been shown how and continually asked by our loved ones to change. We offer a non-judgmental approach to finding the inner tools to navigate the intimate complexities our relationships experience.

Evolving Masculinity

It is time for our masculinity to evolve and start to show up. Human kind is heading to Mars but despite that, our ‘reptilian brain’ is still dominating much of our behavior. Our partner’s want our mature masculinity, the ‘safe rock’ and as men we are capable of finding the ‘Spirit Warrior’ within sharing energies of strength, compassion and kindness.