Touching Base

Our best version of our self emerges when we interoceptively look within and develop insight and awareness on how we tick –  physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  For men, we lost the GPS system to our emotional and mental health landscape about 8 years old.  You know, ‘boys don’t cry.’  Our old logical mind is trying to add it all up 2 plus 2 equals 4 – but this emotional stuff – it ain’t logical!!

Fortunately, there is beginning to be more acceptance of our mental health now.  Rather than converting our vulnerability and anxiety into ANGER – we are sometimes vulnerable and don’t cope emotionally.

There is far more universal acceptance ~ that we can’t always cope.  We just need to believe that within ourselves and instead of kicking the shit out of ourselves – can we learn to have acceptance, compassion and loving-kindness – of the part of us that isn’t coping?

It’s okay to ‘touch base’ – there’s no judgment!!  It’s like building our insight into our inner landscape, improving our well-being for us & those we love.