These are so important and our partners so need to experience the energy of the heart connection. We men are cut off from our hearts since we were five years old. We were emotional beings […]

Loving Relationships and Love

Relationships, love, connection, loving kindness, happiness

Loving relationships are so deeply important to us and imperative to our health and well-being. The growth of love in relationships requires energy on all levels of our psyche the physical, mental, emotional and spiritually. […]

Self Development

Self development and well-being are very important areas in personal growth.

Counselling Principles

Ethics, Principles, Values, Beliefs

Is non-judgmental. Is anonymous and confidential. Affirms men engaged in the challenge of personal growth and change. Supports men initiating change in their relationships with their partners and children. Has empathy and relates to men […]

The Why of Men’s Change

Why, Men, Families, Love, Communication

Our why? Is to enable men to have a more balance ‘head & heart’ connection to those they love. Learn to experience a deep loving kindness and compassion for themselves and others. Personal development is […]