Can the Change of Day Bring A Change of Mindset?

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Can the Change of Day Bring A Change of Mindset?

Don’t we just love those days where we have the Midas Touch and everything just simply flows like a dream.  Then there are the opposite days when despite whatever our apparent mindset we have,  nothing appears to work and it’s oh, “Please, let’s bring on a new day! LOL :)”

A new day isn’t far away and when we have those not so good days what do you understand of your mindset on those unfortunate days?  How much of this mindset is still lingering away as you about to go to bed?  Is there any lingering internal dialogue still looping around and what effect is this having on your energy levels and your well-being?  How do we let go of this and clear the space to bring in the new day?

The Steps in the Change Process

The steps in the process of change starts with first observing what our mindset(s) for the day was.  Our mindsets can be very powerful and learning to let go of the previous day whether it is either good or bad is imperative.  How much reflective awareness and insight do you use?  If there is a lingering distaste for the day still milling in your mind as you are going to bed?  What would mean to sit for a few minutes and write out in your journal your experiences of the day?  It is important to write out in your journal the experiences of the positive days as we may learn to map out our various different mind-sets.  There is so much to learn in mapping our mindsets and well-being through journal writing and honest self-reflection.  Allowing an “acceptance” of “what is” can really ease the internal dialogue in our minds.

I am sure there days that aren’t starting off as well, but then low and behold we’ve ended up having an incredible day.  What shifted?  It was not the day that shifted – it was US that shifted somehow.  This stuff happens automatically without us paying much attention.  The steps in the process of change I believe does need our reflective attention.  What I mean by reflective, is not only looking just analytically at our day but also from a deeper felt sense of the day.  What was our non-verbal energy like that we may have holding in our cellular being?  Was it positive, negative or indifferent? How often do you check in with yourself?

Evening Rituals Preparing for the Day of Change

What are important ritual(s) or routines we might develop at the end of the day to help in setting the space in developing ‘our part’ to the new day?  The old routine of dinner, television (to veg) and bed is okay and we need to allow ourselves that ‘veg’ downtime.  Whilst hoping a new day will change things (which it usually does!) – WE too can bring can implement the seeds to shift our mindsets to whatever day we experience.  I know this might just be simple semantics, but changing our language from ‘routine’ to ‘rituals’ can create a shift.  You know, the old routine of (ho hum) can get a bit long in the tooth and feel boring, so to speak.  By just the word to “ritual”(s) may provoke a change of mindset.  It doesn’t matter really what the word – what matters is the undertaking. The ritual is our deliberate process of change.  We may not feel like doing it BUT just doing it is setting the scene within our psyche to bring on the NEW day.  It does not matter what language we use for this process – it’s adapting ourselves to the process.

What is your morning ritual/routine change which attracts the positive new day?

This is not always easy because it might mean a tweak of lifestyle change.  “Oh, no it might mean losing my morning snooze routine.”  The research is suggesting that a good morning routine can set scene of a brand new day!!  This may mean getting up 30 minutes earlier and going for a walk to clear the mind.  Whilst out walking can you incorporate the mindset of practicing gratitude for sights, sounds, smells of our environs?  When we practice and bring the new strength and new thoughts to the morning how might your day flow?  Is it the new day, or is it what changes we bring that creates the new day?  When we start putting the run of good days together and when we have one of those off-days, it is so much easier to smile and lighten it with our essence of joy –  “You Get That!” Thank you to Empowered Change for assisting me with this blog!

This is the start to the brand new day! “Be Gentle and Enjoy.”

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