Changes From the Darkness of Our Tunnels

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The Change(s) in Darkness

Change happens no matter how solid we are in life.  We all inevitably hit times in life where O.M.G there is not much light in the tunnel.  Light is there, albeit dim and we need to keep working to maintain our positive approach traversing the tunnel.  This reminds me of a quote from the late Stephen Hawking;

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.”

A positive approach how we can do that whilst it feels like we are pushing b-s up the hill!  There is always a positive out of a negative.  I believe that this is where we get stuck.  We apply the old mindset when the tunnel looms in life.  These old dark processes can in fact be powerful teachers of change if we choose to learn from its intuitive teaching.  When we are in the dark obviously we are not going to see stars (LOL) but how do we remain curious in our self-reflection and growth?  Just don’t give up!!  What is the “universe” making available to us, during this period of time?  Allowing the space to listen to the answers to these questions is a success in itself even though it may not feel like it.  How might we take pressure off ourselves when we are going through these times?  Cut some slack, don’t be a harsh critic.

Change requires energy

These periods of time are difficult and can take up a lot of energy and be pain in the butt.  Once we get out of the tunnel, brush ourselves off and dusted down – we shake ourselves awake so to speak and inwardly go WOW got through that space, never again!  I wonder sometimes if we innately may hold fear(s) of the space(s) these tunnels can present to us.  Whilst traversing the old tunnel our aliveness and high octane self may be knocked off its perch – it won’t like that!!  Our energy flow can slow down to a drip feed and this is hard going, as we may lose clarity; our self-doubt has turned up the volume; and we can be disconnect.  Wait there’s more!!  We still have to cope and succeed in life and in this old energy we tend to blame it, whilst thinking and feeling it is holding us back.  This “felt experience” and “mindset’ can leave a strong cellular memory of gloom in all of us – even A personality types.

Taking the ‘gloom’ out of our tunnel experiences – is not the easy part!!  However, there is an incredible joy and power as we begin to experience the glow of our light – especially when we become fully immersed in the light that was pretty dim at the end of the tunnel.  Our flow is back and we are fully alive and with clarity, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge and we are fully connected.

Making Positive Change

Instead of holding onto old cellular memory as a ‘gloom’ experience of our tunnel/rabbit hole what if we positively carried an acceptance of this necessary part of our journey.  If in our acceptance of our opposites (e.g., joy/sad, anger/fear, love/hate) we also need to accept – there will be times of – there is not much light at the end of this tunnel.   In this acceptance we may begin to negate some of our fear(s) and begin to have a more engaged relationship with part of us that is traversing this tunnel.  Yes, our high octane self is playing second fiddle and may hold loads of resentment to being in yet another tunnel.  Getting lost in our resentments is huge drain on our finite energy reserves – especially in times like this (e.g., flatness). Whereas our acceptance is counter-intuitive offering a way to conserve our energies.  We can especially need all the energy we can get in times like this.

There is so much self-awareness and self-development to gain through these difficult times.  Learning to be more open to self-reflection is a positive process not a negative process.  We are developing so much more self-awareness.  Why not spend some time in this space journaling writing out, the inner story.  This is certainly not about ‘playing in it’ (e.g, the negative) or turning it into victim-hood at all.  It is about honouring and allowing whatever is there “to be there”, developing the growth of our compassionate heart.  If we are down a familiar old tunnel/rabbit-hole maybe it is offering us a message – please make a change.  To lessen the energy of resentment and with our dislike out of the way we can save energy.  We may listen deeply and hear from that part of us” that is suffering or in pain and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It may be teaching us something as noted from a previous blog ‘Healing Our Teachers Of Change’.

The Actions For Change

Is it asking for change?  As it has been said before that our pain can be a trigger for action to change.  By not changing, perhaps we inadvertently convert the pain to a suffering.  To take notice and listen to the part of us that is caught in the downside (e.g., flatness) of the tunnel.  By hearing it we can map out the steps (in journaling or talking it through) to take the positive action of change – how empowering is that.  Learning to focus on the how we got out of the tunnel and back to our glow of light is imperative to our self–development.

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